Fanfiction wishlist! If you see something like one of these, link me!

24 - Series aftermath. Grisham-style Congressional hearing of Jack Bauer, standing trial for the history on that show. He committed a lot of crimes as the ICJ reckons, and torture, and on top of the moral position, those things did or should have caused blowback in the places where they happened, and if there wasn't much in the series canon, we can see it have some in the trial testimonies. Sources who are still in-country are named and pay the price for members of the press and Congressional committees trying to make their reputations by breaking a big story/informing the public/talking to the press as though they were people who cared about informing the public. People who ordered, condoned, or were part of Bauer's operations suddenly claim they had nothing to do with it, call him a rogue element, and pin it all on him. A bit of a view of the aftermath of trying to put one's life or career back together after something like that, especially when one is a formerly covert operative who is now (in)famous .

Dope - NA Contemporary with Nakia and Lily in the aftermath of the movie Dope. Nakia was planning to go to state college, which means she and Malcom broke up, or are having a long distance relationship, or he didn't get to go to Harvard despite the blackmail, which has other implications. Lily had a brand of MDMA named after her. What does that even do to the rest of your life? I'm a serious sucker for Dom, but that's a very different story. Tell me if you see that one, for that matter.

Repo! The Genetic Opera - Aftermath. I always picture it as Amber Sweet runs Geneco and Shilo runs some kind of medical charity, with kibbitzing from each other and narrating cameos by Graverobber. Somebody actually mentions why these organs are immunosafe, because really, why? Did they strip all the MHC complexes off? What effects does that even have? Largo family drama. What kind of financing is Geneco offering these days? Do you have to put up collateral? Will they seize your house or your car? What if the bank still owns them? What if you don't have any collateral? Is Geneco's financing department in league with Shilo's charity so they're benefiting financially? Is this corrupt? Are they both good and the threat comes from without?

Nobilis -