About Me


I write techno-thriller stories about characters who survive the unthinkable and still manage to build themselves a life. My first novel is #KillAydaKhoury, a story about a doxed NSA agent who uses her newfound infamy to publicly defect to a state-sponsored terrorist organization. Hero and traitor both, Ayda works to rescue an American agent from their grasp and win herself the right to come home. I am an espionage history lover, foreign relations nerd, and fan of Charles Cumming, Bob Baer, and of course John le Carré.

About #KillAydaKhoury

Ayda Khoury, NSA officer and former Anonymous hacktivist, just wants to save a fellow spy. Someone has doxed Ankara Chief of Station Alex Hart, revealing him as a CIA officer and resulting in his kidnapping by a high-profile terrorist.

Ayda's operation is derailed when the Agency needs a scapegoat for a domestic spying scandal, and after being doxed by her Anonymous former comrades and taking blame in a Congressional hearing, Ayda is facing stalkers, personal threats, and jail time.

A new intelligence contractor in town offers her an out, and a chance to salvage her operation -- if she'll stage a defection, offer a cache of falsehood-seeded data to the famed terrorist, and get close enough to him to find out where his organization is holding Hart. If she can help the contractor bring him home, she'll earn a full Congressional pardon and protection from the threats plastered across her social media accounts.

But when the answer to who doxed Ayda and who marked Alex Hart as a target turn out to be one and the same, Ayda can't trust her service or her former friends, and will have to rely on unlikely allies for survival.

Together with an officer of an intelligence service Ayda once worked against, a traumatized terrorist and his journalist kid sister, and a little help from the internet hate machine, can Ayda save herself and Alex Hart? Or will their enemies' plans to scuttle the Iranian nuclear deal take the two of them down with it?