About Lucretia

Forgiving TFT bot running a passable emulation of a rationalist. Espionage history lover. Foreign relations nerd. Occasionally writes political thrillers. Wants to buy a painting from Gabriel Allon.

About #KillAydaKhoury

Ayda Khoury, NSA officer and former Anonymous hacktivist, is on the wrong side of the domestic spying scandal. Doxxed by her former comrades and facing a Congressional hearing, she is offered an out by a mysterious intelligence contractor: 

Stage a defection, offer a cache of falsehood-seeded data to a famed terrorist, and get close enough to him to find out where his organization is holding the kidnapped CIA chief of Ankara station, Alex Hart.

But in the world of cyber-espionage, everyone's got more than one agenda, and it's starting to look like Ayda's doxxing and the kidnapping of the chief of station are connected...